Our Staff

Dale Agnew BAppSc (HMS), MExerSci(Strgth&Condg), ESSAM, AEP, GradCertDiabEd, ADEAM, CDE
Accredited Exercise Physiologist, Credentialed Diabetes Educator, Strength and Conditioning Coach

Rebecca Payne BSpExSci, Grad Dip Ex Phys (Clin), GradCertDiabEd, ESSAM, AEP
Accredited Exercise Physiologist, Credentialed Diabetes Educator

Matthew Stark BSpExSci, Grad Dip Ex Phys (Clin), MExerSci(Strgth&Condg), ESSAM, AEP
Accredited Exercise Physiologist, Strength and Conditioning Coach

Josh Hall BExPhys (Clin), ESSAM, AEP
Accredited Exercise Physiologist

Alisa Paine BExPhys (Clin), ESSAM, AEP
Accredited Exercise Physiologist

Lauren Kelly BSpExSci, ESSAM                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Exercise Scientist/Business Development Manager

Bob Swadling BExMovementSc                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Exercise Scientist/Strgth&Condg Coach

Bernadette Green Administration Manager

Jess Coleman Administration Assistant

About Synergy Health & Fitness Solutions

Synergy Health & Fitness Solutions began in April 2008 and has been helping the Townsville community and surrounding areas achieve their health and fitness goals ever since. They are a clinical gym in Townsville located at Synergy Health Centre – an allied practice with access to two gyms, Accredited Practising Dietitians and Credentialed Diabetes Educators.

The fitness industry  in Townsville is booming.  It’s also possibly one of the biggest growth industries in the world. Although personal trainers and boot camps may be suitable for generally healthy persons aged 15-35, the education and level of knowledge required to treat and train people with injures and chronic disease associated with increasing age is not currently there. Only accredited allied health professionals such as those in Synergy are truly qualified to deal with these conditions.

Through years of experience dealing with mature aged populations, Synergy Health & Fitness Solutions recognises the gap in services for this growing population. Therefore, we have focused our programs and facilities towards providing a place where those who do not feel comfortable in a normal gym or who need help with specific injury or disease can come to get physically active again.

Over the last two decades a considerable amount of research has been done concerning the significance of exercise interventions in the treatment of a large number of chronic diseases. The Australian healthcare system has been substantially burdened with the costs associated with treating these diseases. It has now been proven that appropriate exercise interventions can reduce these costs.

Accredited Exercise Physiologists (AEPs) are widely recognized as the highest qualified health professionals in the design and delivery of exercise services. In collaboration with a team of medical and other allied health professionals evidence supports that exercise physiology services are an essential component in the management of chronic disease.

About Synergy Health Centre

SHC-Logo-Reversed-SQ_croppedSynergy Health Centre is an allied health practice and gym that is all about the interaction and cooperation of accredited allied health services to achieve a combined outcome greater than their separate efforts.  Synergy Health & Fitness Solutions is an integral component of this practice and works in collaboration with Compleat Nutrition, Sweet Solutions and Synergy Sports Performance.

Here at Synergy you have access not only to a supervised gym, but dietitians, diabetes educators and exercise physiologist specialising in athlete development and sports performance all in one handy location!

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Your allied health centre, all under one roof working together. 

What is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist?

essa_logoAn Accredited Exercise Physiologist (AEP) describes a university-trained and ESSA accredited exercise specialist who possesses the knowledge, skills and competency to design and deliver general physical activity advice and clinical exercise prescription for apparently healthy persons and for those persons with chronic and complex diseases. The aim of the intervention is to facilitate long-term behaviour change by encouraging the self-management of health through exercise and other lifestyle modifications, with a view to preventing and treating disease.

In addition to Exercise Physiology accreditation (AEP) our exercise physiologist Dale Agnew is also a Credentialed Diabetes Educator.

General physical activity & clinical exercise prescription

General physical activity advice and clinical exercise prescription is developed and delivered by AEPs. General physical activity advice provides general guidelines for physical activity that is suitable for most people, including those with solitary and uncomplicated chronic disease. This is provided with a view to improving general health and wellbeing.

SHFS_2Clinical exercise prescription involves an individualised assessment, exercise advice, prescription, behavioural change counselling and provides support for people with chronic and or complex diseases. Clinical exercise prescription builds on general physical activity and is based on evidence-based research and may include cardio-respiratory and/or resistance exercise. It will also provide advice and support for increasing incidental exercise, balance, agility, coordination and strategies for reducing sedentary behaviours. Prescriptions would incorporate an individualised combination of these elements which would be balanced with patient’s goals, readiness to change, knowledge, skills and access to resources.

At Synergy Health & Fitness Solutions patients have their blood pressure taken pre and post exercise. In addition each client undergoes a clinical assessment before beginning the program which involves taking medical history and co-morbidities, body composition measurements and a base measurement ECG (for cardiac patients). The ECG machine will also be on hand for monitoring at any time throughout the session if required. Diabetic patients will also have access to glucometers for blood glucose monitoring.

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